Procon Pumps
Attention to Detail

Procon® has manufactured high-quality, dependable pumps for over sixty years. Since 1950, our precision, handcrafted pumps have served as the benchmark for performance and value in the industries we serve.

We manufacture many different styles of pumps with flow rates ranging from 8 to 660 gallons per hour. Available in either brass or stainless steel configurations, Procon pumps are suitable for a variety of applications: carbonation and carbonation circulation for soft-drink dispensing, espresso coffee machines, beer-chilling systems, reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration systems, laser-cooling circulation, constant temperature control, misting systems, and more.

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For manufacturers wanting to implement innovations such as greater flow and pressure, special fluids, or a smaller footprint, PROCON is the premier provider of engineered solutions offering:

• Factory assembly
• Full design capabilities
• Prototyping
• Stress analysis testing

Collaboration with PROCON provides manufacturers with a trusted product developmental partner. And this applies whether you are modifying an existing product or developing something entirely new.

After nearly 70 years as a leading industry innovator, we provide unmatched intellectual capital in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered pumping solutions.